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In his second book, Extra-Curricular Activities, John Waldron shares humorous observations that come from the confusion and mayhem of his not-so-ordinary life as a gay single parent.  Whether in the midst of a tee-ball game or the not so hallowed sanctuary of the Catholic Church, stuff happens.  Cub Scout outings, children's birthday parties or summer camp are an ideal time for Waldron to reassess his shortcomings as a parent and expound on his unusual insights.  Sometimes humorous while other times endearing, John's stories of parenting his two sons resonant at some level with all readers and their memories of family and those activities that define childhood.  Parents from all walks of life will recognize themselves in John's shoes as he maneuvers as an outsider through long-cherished organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America and Little League.  The book leaves the reader with the overriding importance of a sense of humor and the fundamental value of persistence.